pink moon pink wind

April 11 – April 14, 2017
Opening Tuesday, April 11th, 5pm

The terrace on Paros is 25 meters long and 8.55 meters wide. On the long side it has a rear wall 3.10 meters in height. The floor of the terrace is inlaid lengthwise with a 60 cm wide marble strip. In addition there is on one side a marble table, which is not movable, and on the other side a garden hose. The terrace is situated 55 meters from the sea, and depending on the circumstances, is exposed to different weather conditions. The wind, the moon, and the sun are very strong, and there is always a bit of salt in the air.

Jana Euler, Gülsüm Güler, Thomas Jeppe, Nuri Koerfer, Garrett Nelson, Antoine Renard, Mark Soo, Anne Speier, Lucie Stahl, Julian Stalbohm, Timothy Standring, Constantin Thun

This exhibition takes place on the Greek island of Paros. For exact directions please contact